About us

Non omnis moriar…

On September 9, 2018, KRYSTIAN POPIELAunexpectedly passed away. This tragic news shocked the sports world, his family and friends. It was and is hard to come to terms with the passing of such a young, vibrant person. Smile and sport accompanied Krystian throughout his life. He was a talented footballer, playing in Poland and abroad, as well as in the Polish youth national team, and everywhere he went, he was able to win friends and the hearts of others.

We know that Krystek will remain in the hearts of many people forever. That's why we decided to establish the "Dzielmy się uśmiechem" ("Let's share a smile") Krystian Popiela Foundation. We decided to give his death a positive meaning, as much as possible. We decided that it is worth supporting young athletes, mainly footballers, who have had accidents or are recovering from serious injuries or illness.

We help them rebuild physically and mentally so that they can realise their dreams and sporting passions. We accompany and support them in difficult times. It is our duty to Krystian. And at the same time a great pleasure to help others

Krystian’s parents, Agnieszka and Jarosław Popiela.

We constantly try to keep Krystian's memory alive. Through various sports initiatives, we encourage others to take part in sports challenges, spreading positive energy and at the same time providing help. Non omnis moriar – I shall not wholly die. Much of Krystian has stayed with us. We cannot waste his legacy...


The beginning of 2019 was very busy for us. In Krystian's hometown, Tarnów, together with our friends from Sports Championship School ZKS Unia Tarnów, under the patronage of the Mayor of Tarnów and with the help of many people, we organized a two-day football tournament for children - the 1st Memorial of Krystian Popiela and the ceremonial "Dinner with a Smile", where we officially launched our Foundation. THIS IS HOW IT ALL BEGAN.

On January 26, 2019, Krystian's parents: Agnieszka and Jarek officially signed the operating documents of the "Dzielmy się uśmiechem" Krystian Popiela Foundation

Since then, we have been accompanying our charges. We give them a glimmer of sunshine and optimism. We fight to make them smile again, to make their sporting dreams come true.

We share smiles, hope and good hearts!